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In the Leisure and Retail sectors, our unique combination of lockable wristbands and alarms help to prevent children from leaving facilities without the knowledge of the adult responsible for them.


· The patented, cost-effective system is straight-forward, pays for itself, and uses technology proven for over 20 years!

· It is managed by the operators of existing facilities, large and small, private sector and public sector

· Example venues include: theme parks, play arenas, zoos, waterparks, shops, crèches, concert halls and holiday resorts

· Reusable wristbands are hired out by the venue operators to parents, teachers or carers for each child in their group

· Alarms sound if a child attempts to leave the premises whilst wearing a wristband

· Wristbands are hired with matching Parental ID tags, to link the parent’s contact details to any child that is lost or separated


              Venue Operators: Please click on the adjacent links under “Leisure & Retail” to find out more about how you can benefit from this system!




In the Healthcare sector, our Baby Tagging, Paediatric Security and Adult Care Systems are second-to-none.

Infection prevention, identity control and security needs have been combined into a market leading solution designed specifically to address clinical needs.


           Healthcare customers: please click HERE to see more about our Baby Tagging and Paediatric Security Systems!


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